The secret

Fats. Simply put, it’s fat that makes food delicious. There’s a lot of companies focusing on alternative proteins, but fats are essential in making them taste incredible.

Fat chance without it.

Fat molecules are critical because they give proteins the taste and mouthfeel that we’ve grown to expect – the experience simply isn’t the same without them. Think about a comforting bowl of Nonna’s rich, hearty bolognese. A scoop of creamy gelato on a hot summer’s day. A piece of grilled fish: glistening, crispy skin. You can smell it. You can taste it. See it. But none of it would be possible without fats.

Which is why meat or dairy alternatives can be so disappointing – without the right fats, they can’t create an experience that comes close.

That’s where Nourish comes in. Our animal-free fats make plant-based products utterly delectable – as good, if not better, than the real thing.

We brew it, you chew it.

The secret lies in fermentation. We’ve developed yeast strains and a sophisticated fermentation process that allows us to mimic the molecular structure of animal fats. Put another way, we’ve engineered a way to literally brew fats that have the same makeup as animal fats, without the animal.

Each type of plant-based protein requires completely different flavour profiles and mouthfeel properties. Our process allows us to create endless options sustainably from sugar-based feedstocks, with the flexibility to tune the triglycerides to the exact taste and feel that’s needed. The use cases for our fats and oils are literally limitless.

Foods for the future with fermentation

We harness the power of fermentation to build alternative protein products of the future, and here’s why.

  • It’s customisable. We can tune our fats to exactly match the flavor profile of foods like beef, pork, chicken, fish, seafood and even dairy products. With delicious results.
  • Production is highly efficient. And completely uncoupled from both animals and rainforests – we don’t rely on unsustainable processes or large swaths of land to create our fats and oils.
  • It’s cost efficient too. We can meet the growing demand, while maintaining price parity with other specialty fats.
  • It’s scalable. Fermentation is hailed as a crucial pillar of alternative proteins, and we understand how to build and scale the infrastructure needed to support it.

Let’s chew the fat.