We brew it,you chew it.

The secret to fantastic fats? Fermentation.

Fermentation is the science and art that’s been bringing humans good things like beer and wine for no less than nine millennia. And what’s the ignition switch for fermentation to make fantastic fats? Yeast. Our proprietary yeast strains allow us, through fermentation, to brew entirely animal-free, remarkably delicious fats.

Fermentation Process info-graphic

By tailoring the DNA of our yeasts and growing them in specially calibrated environments, we can create fats whose flavours and textures are customised to perfectly suit their intended products.

Developed through decades of our team’s combined expertise in the lipid engineering world, our process can quite literally create any taste from our sugar-based feedstocks, from the familiar (chicken, pork, salmon) to ones that haven’t even been dreamed up yet.

Cut out the problems, not the fat.


Our process is uncoupled from the exploitation of our natural resources – we don’t rely on unsustainable processes or large swaths of land, making Nourish Ingredients kinder to the earth, and as well as animals.


Our expertise and our process happily positions us to greet the growing demand with price competitiveness and efficiency.


Don’t call our fats replacements. They’re your new starting line-up. In a market in which many alternative fats taste like dreary substitutions, we dive deep into the flavour experience to help create products you want to eat.

Let’s chew the fat.

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