Fat chance without it.

Fat molecules give proteins the taste and texture that we’ve grown to expect – the experience simply isn’t the same without them. Think about a bowl of nonna’s rich, hearty Bolognese. A twist of frozen yogurt on a hot summer’s day. A piece of grilled fish – glistening, crispy skin. You can smell it. You can taste it. See it. But none of it would be possible without fats.

The secret to fantastic fats? Fermentation.

Fermentation is the science and art that’s been bringing humans good things like beer and wine for no less than nine millennia. And what’s the ignition switch for fermentation to make fantastic fats? Yeast. Our proprietary yeast strains allow us, through fermentation, to brew entirely animal-free, remarkably delicious fats.

Fermentation Process info-graphic

By tailoring the DNA of our yeasts and growing them in specially calibrated environments, we can create fats whose flavours and textures are customised to perfectly suit their intended products.

Developed through decades of our team’s combined expertise in the lipid engineering world, our process can quite literally create tastes that can compare to the deliciousness of real meat and dairy, and even go way beyond them.

Breaking the category.

Unlike plant and animal fats, Nourish fats can create an experience that compares to the deliciousness of the real thing, and even go way beyond it.

Plant fats

Plant fats just don’t stack up, they are unsustainable and have limited taste and functionality.

Cell-based fats

Animal fats are limited, they are locked by biology and can’t be improved or fine-tuned.

Nourish Fats

Endless opportunities, through synthetic biology we are not just mimicking meat, we are creating experiences that can go way beyond it.

Let’s chew the fat.

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