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We create delicious.

Changing the way we eat with fats.

A breakthrough for plant-based food

Nourish Ingredients is changing the market with our breakthrough science and potent fats. We are creating the authentic taste and experience consumers want, without the animal.

Unlocking the market

We identify natural fats currently missing in alternative protein products; the ingredients that make ice cream so irresistible, and steak so delicious. We focus on the most potent fats to make scale-up more affordable.

The impact on agriculture

Plant-based meat and dairy will have a profoundly positive impact on agriculture and the environment. Our potent fats will help accelerate this transformation.

What makes us different

We offer an innovative end-to-end platform, enabling seamless iteration, prototyping, and the creation of high-performing food products.


Experts in food science,
strain development and lipid biotechnology.


Using precision fermentation and focusing on potent fats to scale fast and economically.

Product Design

We create taste solutions and perform sensory evaluations to tailor fats for our partners.

We’re building to scale

Partnering with global food companies and innovative brands. We are built for scale with a proven pathway to commercial success.

Our team of experts

World-class scientists, culinary experts and a leadership team with deep experience in high-growth environments.

James Petrie

CEO & Founder Director

Anna El Tahchy

CTO & Founder Director

Surinder Singh

Chief Scientist

Ernesto Vecilla

Head of Culinary Innovation

Lindsay Adler

Commercial Director

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