The flavour

Tastes like magic.
Made through science.

Our animal-free fats and oils make plant and cellular-based alternative proteins taste delicious – as good, if not better, than the real thing. Combining our science with the ancient process of fermentation, we can tailor flavour profiles that precisely reproduce the taste and mouthfeel of beef, chicken, fish, milk, cheese and beyond.


The world needs smart food solutions that are friendly to the palate and the planet. But right now plant-based products just don’t stack up to the real thing. Nailing the taste experience is what will win the hearts and taste buds of even the most devout carnivores and dairy lovers around the world.

Just as good, but better.

That’s where Nourish comes in. Using precision fermentation and our proprietary yeast strains, we can brew and tune our fats to mimic the molecular structure of animal fats, or create any flavor profile needed, but animal-free. Foods made with our fats are more than an alternative, they’re a straight-up improvement.

Working together
for better.

We’re partnering with innovative brands, as well as the world’s leading science, food technology, fermentation and synthetic biology organisations, who are driving the way forward for meat and dairy plant-based products.

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